„Attitudes and public opinion on corruption and familiarity with the work of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption”
By taking a proactive approach, the Agency for Prevention of Corruption has contributed to the transparency of the political party funding and use of public resources in the local elections in Tivat. The director of the Agency issued the decision on the establishment and tasks of the working group to monitor the elections of the MPs to the Parliament of Montenegro.
Rules on development and implementation of integrity plans unanimously adopted
The Council has adopted the Rules on checking data from the reports on income and assets of Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption.
The Form of the report on income and property of a public official adopted.
Rulebook on Internal Organisation and Job Scheme of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption adopted
Director of the Agency Mr Sreten Radonjić and members of the Council Mr Bojan Obrenović and Mr Radule Žurić spoke with co-rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for Montenegro Mr Terry Leyden, who is paying a visit to our country.
Rules of Procedure of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption adopted.
Conference in Saint Petersburg was attended by the delegation from Montenegro: Ms Goranka Vučinić, President of the Council, and Mr Ristan Stijepović and Mr Radule Žurić, members of the Council.
Session is held from 2. until 4. November in Sant Petersburg.
The campaign is a result of the IPA 2010 Twinning Project "Support the Implementation of the Anticorruption Strategy and Action plan".
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