Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Meeting of the APC leadership with UNDP Resident Representative in Montenegro Daniela Gasparikova

May 18, 2021

Recognizing the space and mutual interest in establishing cooperation, with a commitment to expanding the circle of international partners, the Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption Jelena Perovic, President of the APC’S Council Momcilo Radulovic and Assistant Director Boris Vukasinovic met with the UNDP Resident Representative in Montenegro Daniela Gasparikova and program manager Jelena Mrdak.

President Radulovic instructed his interlocutors in the activities of the Council, which, by electing a new management, took the first step towards reforming the Agency, building transparency into the foundations of its work and opening the door to citizens, media and the civil sector. With the adoption of the new systematization, the determination to improve efficiency and make fuller use of capacities through structural changes has been shown.

Emphasizing that respect for the law is a priority, Director Perovic presented the Agency's activities, paying special attention to integrity plans and analysis of regulations, as one of the essential legal competencies, by which this institution detects possible risks of corruption and points to them, thus making a strong contribution to the rule of law and the citizens trust in the rule of law.

Along with numerous examples from practice, the management singled out the need to establish a new methodology in the field of anti-corruption assessment of laws, which would strengthen the position of the Agency as a body that provides guidance and recommendations during the legislative process to eliminate corruption risks.

With the expressed hope that they will have the support of the UNDP in that process, it was agreed that possible forms of future cooperation would be more precisely defined in the coming months.