Agency for Prevention of Corruption

About Integrity

According to the Law on Prevention of Corruption, a public authority has the duty to adopt integrity plan by 31 March 2016 and submit it to the Agency not later than 15 days from that of its adoption.

Integrity plan is an internal anticorruption document containing a collection of legal and practical measures for prevention and elimination of possibilities for occurrence and development of various forms of corrupt and unethical behaviour in a public authority as a whole, its individual organisational units, and job positions. Integrity plan is a result of the self-assessment of a public authority of its exposure to the risks for occurrence and development of corruption, illegal lobbying practice, and conflict of interest, as well as the proneness/exposure to unethical or unprofessional conduct.

Public authorities have the duty to develop their integrity plans pursuant to the Rules for development and implementation of integrity plan, and make it publicly available by publishing it on their respective websites or otherwise, as appropriate.

  • Rules for development and implementation of integrity plan

Appendices to the Rules:

  • Methodological instruction on completion of the integrity plan form
  • Methodology for assessment of risk degree
  • Integrity plan documentation
  • Integrity plan form
  • Integrity plan example

Development of integrity plan includes the duty of the head of public authority to designate integrity manager and members of the working group. Integrity manager can be any civil servant who has sufficient experience relating to the functioning of the public authority. Integrity manager reports to the head of the public authority and provides for continuous monitoring, periodic risk control and updating of integrity plan. Employees of the public authority have the duty to provide to the integrity manager, at his/her request, necessary data and information relevant to the development and implementation of integrity plan.

In accordance with the above stated Law and Rules, public authorities have the duty to submit to the Agency the following documents:

  • Decision on the designation of integrity manager,
  • Decision on the adoption of integrity plan, and
  • Adopted integrety plan.

The above stated documents are to be submitted to the Agency in hard copy at its place of business in Kralja Nikole 27/V in Podgorica, and via e-mail on:

Integrity plan can be amended as per the needs, development and interests of a public authority, and every other year, public authorities must assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their integrity plans, in accordance with the Rules for development and implementation of integrity plan.

Public authorities are required to submit reports on the implementation of their respective integrity plans to the Agency by 15 April 2019, for the year 2018.

Based on the integrity plans and implementation reports, the Agency will prepare the report on adoption and implementation of integrity plans in public authorities, which is an integral part of the Agency’s annual activity report.