Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Report on the conducted supervision during the election campaign in Herceg Novi

July 12, 2021

Acting under its legal authority, the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, pursuant to Article 46 of the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns, issued a Report on the supervision conducted during the election campaign for the elections held on May 9, 2021 in Herceg Novi.

The report, which is available in integral form at the link, contains an overview of the Agency's activities prior to the announcement of elections, data on the conducted control of election campaign financing, supervision over the use of public funds, conclusions and annexes.

With a proactive approach, firmly committed to transparency, the Agency systematically and comprehensively monitored the campaign, making a visible contribution to the credibility and legality of the election process.

During the campaign, in accordance with the adopted Methodology, a substantial and in-depth control of the activities of political entities, their financing and media representation, funds collected and spent was performed. Political entities submitted 37 reports, which were controlled by the Agency, making available to the public on its website all those for which it had a legal obligation to publish.

By insisting on the transparency of the use of public resources in the election campaign, the Agency performed field control and direct inspection of government documents, controlled compliance with the Law through statements of responsible persons, and analyzed and systematized 1,175 reports, which were published on the website. A total of 44 proceedings were conducted relating to irregularities and suspicions of violations of the Law.

No complaints were filed by the interested public, civil society or citizens during the election campaign. Six misdemeanor proceedings were initiated and six misdemeanor warrants were issued.

The Agency for the Prevention of Corruption will continue to consistently and dedicatedly perform a preventive and control role in the election process, contributing to strengthening the environment of the rule of law and citizens trust in the rule of law.

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