Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Announcement from the 53rd session of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption

July 9, 2021
Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corrupiton

At today's session, the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption discussed the Information on the activities of the Section for Prevention of Corruption, Monitoring of Legislation and Opinions on Anti-Corruption Regulations

Expressing satisfaction with the results achieved so far, the Council once again pointed out the importance of the APC’s opinion in terms of pointing out the risks of corruption in the normative sense, and compliance with which leads to the development of regulations containing room for individual misuse, and thus for systemic corruption, reduced to a minimum. That is why it is important to cooperate with lawmakers in a timely manner, so that general social efforts on the normative level result in clear, precise and unambiguous norms, the application of which will not lead to corrupt consequences, but to greater legal security for all citizens.

This year, opinions were passed on the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Draft Law on the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, the Law on Sports and the Decision on the National Council for the Fight Against High-Level Corruption. An Opinion on the Decision on the manner and criteria for resolving the housing needs of public officials and an Opinion on the Law on Amendments to the General Law on Education is being drafted.

In order to strengthen its capacity in this area, the APC has established cooperation with international partners. In the forthcoming period, the subject of analysis by international experts will be the improvement of the Methodology for risk assessment of corruption in regulations in Montenegro, especially the lists for risk assessment of corruption in regulations. The mentioned Methodology represents the starting point for the work of the Section in the selection of regulations that are the subject of analysis.

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