Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Supervision of the fulfillment of the obligation of political entities to submit annual financial reports

May 19, 2021

Applying its competencies arising from the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns, the Agency for Prevention of Corruption supervised the implementation of the obligation under Article 48 of the Law, which stipulates that political entities submit the final account and annual consolidated financial report to the administrative body responsible for maintaining a single register of subjects to the law, the State Audit Institution and the Agency, no later than March 31 of the current year for the previous year

Subjects to the law obliged to submit reports are political entities registered in the Register of Political Parties, and which, based on their mandates in local or parliamentary elections, are entitled to budget funds for financing regular work, i.e. a total of 65 political entities.

Within the legally prescribed deadline, 48 reports were submitted to the address of the Agency, one of which refers to the party deleted from the Register; The State Audit Institution received 44 reports, and the Revenue and Customs Administration 46 reports (the TIN - tax identification number) was not determined for five political entities, so they were not found in the system, while the deadline was extended for one entity by the Decision).

By comparing the data, the Agency determined that 23 political entities did not fulfill their legal obligation: GB Bokeški forum, Bošnjačka demokratska partija, Centralna albanska partija za integracije, Demokratska stranka jedinstva, Demokratska partija Roma, Demokratska zajednica Muslimana i Bošnjaka, GB Biram Plav, GB Slobodni građani, GB Slogom do pobjede, GB Šule i Mikan, GB Izbor, Narodna stranka, Novska lista, Partija udruženih penzionera i invalida, Partija za Gusinje, Patriotsko Komitski savez, Srpska alternativa, Srpska lista, Srpska radikalna stranka, Stranka pravde i povjerenja, Stranka srpskih radikala, Zelena partija i GB Civis. The table is attached

For five political entities (Demokratska zajednica Muslimana i Bošnjaka, Narodna stranka, Partija udruženih penzionera i invalida, Stranka srpskih radikala i Zelena partija), the Agency previously sent a request to the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media to initiate fact-finding proceedings, that is, their eventual deletion on the basis of the Law on Political Parties.

The Agency will initiate misdemeanor proceedings against 18 political entities that did not submit reports, as well as impose measures to suspend the transfer of budget funds to finance regular work or measures to lose those funds to political entities that did not submit reports and have won mandates at the state or local level.

Committed to the rule of law and the protection of the public interest, the Agency will, by consistent action in accordance with the highest professional standards, make a full contribution to the transparency of the financing of political entities.