Agency for Prevention of Corruption

In Bijelo Polje Held Lecture on Competencies of the Agency and Obligations from the Anti-corruption Laws

May 25, 2017

In the hall of the Municipal Assembly of Bijelo Polje the training was held on "Competencies of the Agency for Prevention of corruption and obligations of the government authorities and political entities in the implementation of anti-corruption laws". The training was attended by 29 participants, including heads of government authorities, Integrity Managers, persons determined for reception and handling upon reporting of whistleblowers, as well as representatives of several Councilors' Clubs in MA Bijelo Polje.

The training was organized with the aim of efficient fulfillment of all obligations of the authorities provided for by anti-corruption laws. Participants were pointed out the importance of applying the principles of integrity, as well as the legal obligations the adoption of integrity plans and reports on the implementation of integrity plans. The duties of lobbied persons and government authorities were also explained in accordance with the Law on Lobbying, and in particular reporting obligations related to permitted and illegal lobbying, according to the provisions of that Law.

Participants of the training were also familiarized with legal obligations which refer to reception and handling upon the reporting of whistleblowers and protection of whistleblowers, as well as on legal obligations which refer to prevention of conflict of interest. 

The topic of the lecture was also the duties of the government authorities and political entities stemming from the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Electoral Campaigns. Also, the limitations and legal prohibitions were explained that those subject to the Law are obliged to respect during the election campaigns.

Representatives of the Agency answered also the questions that representatives of government authorities and political entities asked during the training, with regard to all these mentioned competencies of the Agency. Participants were distributed the anti-corruption material - newsletters and flyers on various topics related to the work of the Agency.