Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Report on the monitoring of the election campaign in Mojkovac, Petnjica and Cetinje

Feb. 4, 2022

Acting in accordance with its legal powers, the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, pursuant to Article 46 of the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns, issued a Report on the Supervision of the Election Campaign for the December 5th, 2021 Elections.

The document, which is available on the link, contains an overview of the Agency's activities prior to the announcement of elections, data on the conducted control of election campaign financing, supervision over the use of public funds, conclusions and annexes.

With a proactive approach, committed to transparency, the Agency systematically and comprehensively monitored the campaign, visibly contributing to the legality and credibility of the election process.

In that manner, the Agency held two meetings with interested non-governmental organizations, published nine press releases and gave 19 opinions on the requests of subjects to the law.

Based on the adopted Methodology, the activities of political entities, their financing and media presentation, funds collected and spent were substantially and deeply controlled. Political entities submitted a total of 147 reports, which the Agency controlled and made available to the public on its website. In cases of observed irregularities, this institution issued 24 warnings.

Political entities reported that they collected € 6,440 from the contributions of natural persons and € 700 from legal persons; own funds were collected in the amount of € 70,755.51, while the total costs presented in the reports amounted to € 89,940.28.

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