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The APC’s Press Release regarding the new Transparency International Report

The APC’s Press Release
Jan. 25, 2022

A new Report by Transparency International, published on January 25th 2021, ranks Montenegro 64th on a list of 180 countries, with a Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of 46. According to this parameter, it is the only country in the Western Balkans which is above the world average (43).

Compared to 2021, the coefficient has increased for one index point, while the ranking is better for three positions.

The Corruption Perception Index, first published in 1995, ranks countries annually by their perceived level of corruption in the public sector, in line with expert assessments and public opinion polls. According to the adopted methodology, 100 represents the lowest and 0 the highest level of perceived corruption.

"As anti-corruption efforts stagnate around the world, human rights and democracy are also threatened. That is not a coincidence ", it is stated on the TI website.

"Our latest analysis shows that protecting human rights is key in the fight against corruption: countries with well-protected civil liberties have more points on the list, while countries that violate them have weaker results."

Compared to the Western Balkans, Montenegro is in the last Report ahead of Northern Macedonia and Kosovo (share 87th place, CPI 39), Serbia (96th place, CPI 38), and Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina (share 110th place, CPI 35). Our country has a better Corruption Perception Index and is on the list above three members of the European Union: Romania (66thplace, CPI 45), Hungary (73rd place, CPI 43) and Bulgaria (78th place, CPI 42).

The Agency for Prevention of Corruption reminds that Montenegro has made a significant step forward compared to the first TI survey, which was published after the restoration of independence, published in 2007, and according to which it was in 84th position, with an index of 3.3 (33 according to current methodology).

The Agency perceives the new Report as an encouragement and recognition of its own efforts to strengthen the integrity of public administration through consistent care for the protection of public interest, legal, transparent and non-selective action, but also as an incentive to continue reform activities, improving experience and practice.

With the status of one of the priorities of our community in the strategic effort to join the family of the most developed European countries, the fight against corruption is a layered and long-lasting process, which requires a synergistic effect of dedicated work of all relevant social actors.

As the central preventive anti-corruption institution, which inherits European standards and principles, the Agency for Prevention of Corruption will remain committed to promoting the rule of law and the principles of good governance, giving its full contribution to an environment in which citizens have confidence in the rule of law.

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