Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Continuation of educational activities of the APC’s employees

July 29, 2021

Continuing the educational practice, the employees of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption participated in the realization of the Education program for acquiring key skills for performing the duties of integrity manager for the second generation of participants, which was conducted by the Human Resources Administration from May 10 to July 15.

The program was attended by 15 integrity managers from state administration, local self-government and public authorities.

Participants were given the opportunity to improve knowledge in the field of integrity and ethical dilemmas, the role and skills needed to perform the role of integrity manager, anti-corruption regulations and the consequences of their violation, the role and importance of lobbying, key risks in public procurement procedures, conflicts of interest., corruption proofing of legislation, risk assessment and management, changes management and the development and implementation of integrity plans.

The team of lecturers, which also included representatives of state administration, local self-government and the NGO sector, included Mr. Goran Durutovic, Head of the Department for Education, Research, Campaigns and Analytics, Mr. Dusan Drakic, Head of the Department for Implementing Measures to Control Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns, senior advisors in the Department for Integrity and Lobbying Mrs. Gordana Djuraskovic and Mr. Marko Skerović, and Mr. Mirko Martic, senior advisor in the Department for Initiating Administrative, Misdemeanor Proceedings and Acting on Requests for Free Access to Information.

Based on its legal competencies, the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption will continue to systematically conduct preventive and educational activities, supporting the rule of law and contributing to strengthening the environment of citizens trust in state administration.

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