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GRECO evaluation team of experts on a three-day visit to Montenegro

GRECO u trodnevnoj posjeti Crnoj Gori
Sept. 27, 2021

The evaluation team of the Council of Europe Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) is in Montenegro from September 27 to October 1 as part of the V round of evaluation, whose focus is on preventing corruption and improving the integrity of top executive and police officials.

The GRECO evaluation team will specifically evaluate the effectiveness of the anti-corruption mechanisms of the Government of Montenegro and the Police Directorate in preventing conflicts of interest, restricting the performance of public functions, controlling income and assets, developing whistleblower institutes, integrity policy, transparency, ethical principles and educational activities.

The Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, as the national coordinator for fulfilling the obligations arising from Montenegro's membership in GRECO, organizes and coordinates meetings of experts with representatives of Montenegrin institutions, namely the Cabinet of the President of Montenegro, the Prime Minister's Office, the General Secretariat, the Police Directorate and the Ministry of Interior, The Council for Civil Control of the Police and other state institutions, representatives of the civil sector, the media and the academic community. In the previous period, the Agency, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Government and the police, prepared answers to the mandatory GRECO Questionnaire in this area and submitted them in July 2020.

The GRECO evaluation is the most important mechanism for assessing the application of the Council of Europe's anti-corruption standards, helping to identify shortcomings in national anti-corruption policies, and anticipating the necessary legislative, institutional and practical reforms. The GRECO monitoring system consists of two phases: an evaluation procedure resulting in a Report with recommendations for further implementation of reforms, and an evaluation phase, which includes an assessment of the measures taken to implement the established recommendations.

So far, Montenegro has successfully passed the III and IV rounds of GRECO evaluations, fulfilling all 38 recommendations made in the III round of evaluations in the field of transparency of political party financing and incrimination, including the establishment of the Agency as an independent institution controlling the financing of political entities and election campaigns and the adoption of the Law on the Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns.

The evaluation report prepared by the GRECO expert team will be adopted at the Plenary Session in 2022.

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