Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Held Workshop on "Methodology for assessing the implementation of anti-corruption measures"

Oct. 26, 2021

Developing institutional practices for improving and promoting mechanisms to strengthen the integrity and accountability of the public sector, representatives of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, Assistant Director Boris Vukašinović and Independent Advisors in the Department for Integrity and Lobbying Gordana Đurašković and Marko Škerović participated in a two-day workshop on integrity managers state administration and the system of social and child protection in order to finalize the Methodology for assessing the implementation of anti-corruption measures.

The activity was supported within the project Strengthening Capacities for Faster Accession of Montenegro to the European Union, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in cooperation with the Office for European Integration and the Government General Secretariat.

The purpose of the Methodology is to assess whether the authorities are implementing anti-corruption measures and whether their implementation has positive effects, as well as to encourage them to be proactive in planning and implementing anti-corruption measures.

The methodology, which contributes to the fulfillment of the obligations from Chapter 23 - Justice and Fundamental Rights, in the subcategory Fight against Corruption, was developed with the support of consultants Dragana Krunić and Marko Sošić. In drafting it, the recommendations given in the Assessment of Anti-Corruption Initiatives, implemented by the Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea, were taken into account.

Agency For Prevention of Corruption