Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Study visit of the delegation of anti-corruption bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Agency

Experience exchanged on positive practices in the work of two institutions
Sept. 26, 2019

Delegation of anti-corruption bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the Agency for Prevention of Corruption on 25 September 2019. The delegation was composed of the representatives of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of Fight against Corruption of Bosnia and Herzegovina, led by the director of this institution, Mr. Hasim Šabotić. Other members of the delegation were the representatives of anti-corruption bodies of the governments of the Federation of BiH, Republic of Srpska and Brčko District, as well as the representatives of anti-corruption teams of several cantons.

The goal of the study visit was to obtain information on responsibilities and recent practice of the Agency in all areas of work, with particular focus on the usage of IT tools in the prevention of corruption and the impact of networking with information systems of other bodies aimed at efficiency of preventive anti-corruption activities.

At the beginning, the delegation was saluted by the director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, Mr. Sreten Radonjić, who underlined recent cooperation of the institutions of the two countries in the area of corruption prevention, but also emphasized the need of strengthening such cooperation, via the exchange of experience and best practices.

During the study visit, the representatives of several divisions and departments of the Agency informed the delegation about their responsibilities and work results, with particular emphasis on the prevention of conflict of interests, verification of incomes and property of public officials, control of financing of political entities and election campaigns and integrity plans. The members of the delegation expressed particular interest for the usage of information system of the Agency and specific software solutions used by the Agency in the mentioned priority areas of work.

Experiences were exchanged on positive practices in work of the two institutions, and there were discussions on further improvement of mutual cooperation. The representatives of the delegation expressed their gratitude due to detailed presentation of work processes, practices and experience of Montenegrin Agency. The organizer of the study visit was OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina.