Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Reports on Income and Assets should be submitted by the end of March

Notice to legal entities
Jan. 27, 2021

All public officials as well as those civil servants who report property in accordance with the provisions of special laws have a deadline to submit to the Agency a Report on Income and Assets for 2020 no later than March 31, 2021.

Reports on income and assets should be submitted in electronic and printed form in template determined by the Agency.

Templates can also be downloaded in the section "Customer services/Download forms" ( on the Agency's website.

Public officials are obliged to submit the completed template to the Agency in electronic form, in the section "Customer Services / Sending Forms" ( After the Agency's information system returns the template with the bar code to the user, the user is obliged to print, sign and submit the template to the Agency.

Templates submitted without a bar code are not valid.

After administrative and technical control of the submitted templates, Reports on Income and Assets of public officials and civil servants are published on the Agency's website, in the section Public Registers.

Timely submission of Reports on Income and Assets to the Agency provides a significant contribution to strengthening the integrity of the performance of public office and eliminates the need to initiate statutory procedures in this area. This also speeds up the process of control and publication of reports on the Agency's website.

The Agency also reminds that the obligation to submit Reports on Income and Assets from last year applies to notaries and bailiffs, in accordance with the laws governing these activities.

For all additional information on how to fulfill the stated legal obligation, users can contact the Agency.