Agency for Prevention of Corruption

The Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and the NGO sector work together to prevent corruption

Sept. 25, 2020

The director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Jelena Perović, met this week with representatives of non-governmental organizations, the Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations and the Center for Civic Education.

Interlocutors from the non-governmental sector were acquainted with the current activities of the Agency, especially with the current control over the financing of the election campaign for the parliamentary elections held on August 30, 2020, as well as future plans. At the meetings, proposals and suggestions for further and closer mutual cooperation were exchanged.

The goal of the Agency is to prevent corruption through strong, consistent and non-selective application of all legally prescribed anti-corruption mechanisms. Cooperation with the non-governmental sector and the media, recognized as a significant corrective factor and a partner, is an important step towards achieving this goal, and the mission that is perceived as common.

The openness of the Agency results from the legal competencies, as well as the aspiration to constantly improve it by objectively reviewing and evaluating its functions, influence and work. Talks with representatives of non-governmental organizations are planned in the coming period. Meetings with the Center for Democratic Transition and the Monitoring Center are scheduled for next week.

The Agency strongly supports and invites all stakeholders in the NGO sector to contact if they have concrete proposals for joint work in the field of preventing corruption.