Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Press Release

Announcement for the entities subject to the law
Sept. 24, 2020

The Agency for the Prevention of Corruption indicates to the entities subject to the law the obligations prescribed by the provisions of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, which refer to the declaration of income and assets in case of taking public office and termination of public office, as well as cases of transfer to another public office:

- A public official is obliged to submit to the Agency, within 30 days of taking office, a report on his income and assets, as well as on the income and assets of spouses and children if they live in a joint household, according to the situation on election day, appointment. or placements;

- In case of termination of public office, the public official is obliged to, within 30 days from the day of termination of office, inform the Agency and submit a report (as well as once a year in the next two years after termination of office);

- When transferring to another public office, as well as in the case of election, appointment or appointment to another public office in terms of Article 12, paragraphs 2 and 4 of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, the public official is obliged to notify Agency within 30 days of the change

Reports on income and assets are submitted in electronic and printed form on forms determined by the Agency.

Forms can also be downloaded in the section "Customer services / Download forms" on the Agency's website.

Public officials are obliged to submit the completed forms to the Agency in electronic form, in the section "Customer Services / Sending Forms". After the Agency's information system returns the form with the bar code to the user, the user is obliged to print, sign and submit the form to the Agency.

Forms submitted without a bar code are not valid.

Certainly, during the performance of the public function, entities subject to the law will be obliged to submit a report once a year by the end of March of the current year for the previous year, as well as in case of possible changes from the report related to increasing assets over € 5,000. (within 30 days of the change).