Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Held Lecture for High-school Students on the Topic Prevention of corruption

May 30, 2017

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption held the lecture on topic “Prevention of Corruption” at the gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović” in Podgorica. The lecture was attended by 60 students of second and third grades of the gymnasium, as well as several representatives of the teaching staff.

Advisor for general secondary education in the Ministry of Education Miomir Anđić pointed out the harm that corruption can have on the education system and introduced the activities of the Ministry in the field of prevention of corruption in education. Also, he presented the causes and forms of corruption in the area of education, and informed the students about the ways in which they can report suspicions of corruption in the education system. 

Chief of the Sectio of education, campaigns, research and analytics in the Agency Goran Durutović presented to the students preventive anti-corruption competencies of this authority with special emphasis on the activities of the Agency related to raising public awareness of the problem of corruption and encouraging citizens to report corruption. He pointed to the problems that corruption can have on social and economic development and stressed the importance of respecting the principles of integrity and transparency in the work of public and private sector. He also presented the ways in which corruption cases can be reported to the Agency.

The students were distributed info material with contacts to which a suspicion of existence of corruption can be reported to the competent authorities. Also TV spot about the competencies of the Agency, as well as anti-corruption agencies clips and videos prepared by the students for the campaign "Not a cent for bribe" were broadcasted at the lecture, in the context of previous competitions within the commemoration of the International Day of the Fight against Corruption.

The Agency, in accordance with legal competencies, continuously conducts trainings and lectures for different target groups in order to raise public awareness about the problem of corruption. It is planned to continue the anti-corruption lectures for high school students at the beginning of the next school year.

Also, the organization of lectures and seminars to raise awareness among students about corruption is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and of the Agency provided by the Operational document for the prevention of corruption in areas of particular risk.